Share known you the number of seconds by 3600 to convert them to degrees. As one arc minute contains sixty seconds of arc, and one degree - sixty arc minutes, seconds to degrees should be 60*60=3600.
Use the calculator for practical calculations because for calculation with accuracy to thousandths, it is very rare mathematical abilities. For example, it can be a standard calculator Windows. To run it click the "start" button (or press the WIN), go to menu in the Programs section, then, in its subsection "Standard" and select "Calculator". You can do it in another way- to press the key combination WIN + R, type the command calc and press Enter.
Enter the number of seconds by clicking buttons in the interface of the calculator on the screen or using the keyboard. Then click the key with a slash ("slash") and enter the number 3600. Then press the equal sign and the calculator will calculate and show you the value in degrees corresponding to a predetermined number of seconds.
Use online calculators if for some reason a hand there is no other. For example, you can enter a query with the desired mathematical operations into Google search and it will show you the result, calculate it on your own calculator. For example, if you need to find out the value of 17 seconds in degrees, then type in Google this query: "17 / 3600". Press the search button it is not necessary.
Usually together with the need to count seconds and minutes, as denoted by geographic coordinates in the format degrees minutes seconds (° ' "). For example, the coordinates of the most visited places in the city of Krasnodar is 45° 01' 31" North latitude and 38° 59' 58" East longitude. To translate the longitude of the location in decimal degrees, it is necessary for the whole 38 degrees, add minute, expressed in degrees (59 / 60 = 0,983), and seconds, expressed in degrees (58 / 3600 = 0,016). If counted according to the same algorithm and the latitude coordinates in degrees would look like this: 45,025° North latitude and 38,999° East longitude.