You will need
  • roulette;
  • - plumb
  • card;
  • - level;
  • fuel;
  • calculator.
Try to build a rightanglespacious treanglethe parts mentally, with rods or cords, drawing pencil, depending on working conditions. Importantly, one of the angles of frictionangleof the parts was equal to 90⁰, and the inclined plane appeared in the quality of the hypotenuse, that is, the longest side lying opposite the right angle.
If possible, use gravity - it's the easiest way. For example, continue the sloping line to the ground or floor, and the lower string with the load. Measure the distance between the cargo and the point of intersection of the inclined line with the ground.
To calculate the angle of inclination of a river or road, determine the elevation at the beginning and end of the object. For example, the highest point lies at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, and the lower one at a height of 40 meters (elevation define the map or level). In the example shown, the vertical leg is equal to 60 meters, and the length of an object decide on the map or by using direct measurements (length of road can be determined by the car speedometer).
Transfer the measurements to a sheet of paper. Schematically depict treanglethe parts, indicate the size of each side. Divide the length of the vertical leg to the length of the inclined line. The resulting number – the sine of the desired angle. Grab a calculator (you can use the online calculator) and entering the obtained value, click the arc sine (asin). You will receive the angle of inclination in degrees.
You may be unable to calculate the length of the inclined side. In this case, divide the length of the vertical (opposite) sides of the length of the horizontal (adjacent). You will get the tangent of the angle of tiltto calculate the angle in degrees, find its arctangent using a calculator.
If you work with a drawing and you need to find the slope of the straight line, try to determine its equation. Knowing the coordinates of two points, use the formula (x-x1)/(x2-x1)=(u-U1)/(U2-U1). Substitute the coordinates and give the equation to the form y=kx+b. The k coefficient in front of x is the tangent of the angle of inclination of a straight line. To find the angle of inclination, calculate its tangent.