You will need
  • - level;
  • roulette;
  • - level gauge;
  • level;
  • rail.
First actually or mentally construct a right triangle in which one of the parties will be down on the ground perpendicular. To build such a triangle on a plot of land or a road, use the level. Determine the height at two points of the measured object above the sea level and the distance between them.
If you want to find the slope of a small object, located on earth, take a flat Board or using the gauge, position it horizontally between two points. At the bottom it has put the means at hand, for example, bricks. Tape measure to measure the Board length and the height of the bricks.
To find the slope of the roof, go to the attic and from a certain point of the slope lower down the thread with the load, to the floor. Measure the length of the filament and the distance from the ground of the load to the intersection of the slope with the floor of the attic. Methods of measurement can be very different, until the photographing of the object and measure of the parties at the photos – your goal is to learn the length of the two shorter sides in a right triangle is obtained.
If you have a sufficiently detailed map of the physical map of the area, calculate the slope . To do this, select the extreme points and see what the notation of the altitude there is noted, find the difference between them. Measure the distance between the points and using the scale, calculate the actual distance. Please note that all distance should be measured in the same units, for example, in meters or in centimeters only.
Divide the opposite side (vertical distance) at adjacent (distance between points). If you need to get the slope in percent, multiply the resulting number by 100%. To get the slope in ppm, multiply the result of division by 1000‰.
If you need to get the slope in degrees, use the fact that obtained by dividing the shorter sides, the result is the tangent of the angle. Count the arctangent by using the scientific calculator (manual or online). As a result, you will get the value of the slopea in degrees.