You will need
  • - the car;
  • station.
When calculating the horsepower of your vehicle use domestic and European measurement systems. In one horsepower is 75 kg x m/s. If you decode the symbol, then one horsepower would equal the power needed to lift cargo weighing 75 kg to a height of 1 meter in 1 second. Besides horsepower can be translated and kilowatts. In this case, one horsepower is equal 735,5 W or 0,735 kW. The maximum speed that can develop an ordinary horse, call boiler horsepower.
To know the value of the power of the car, you must put these figures in accordance with the above equations. If the auto power is specified in kilowatts, to determine the horsepower required the value that is specified in the passport of the car, just split into 0,735. The final figure will be denoted by the amount of horsepower that this car has.
So the simplest way to know the amount of horsepower in a car, go to the nearest good station maintenance. Most of these stations there is a special setting-the computer, which will detect how many "horses" in your car. Get the car on the platform this installation, install it and squeeze until it stops the gas pedal. While your car will run for a few minutes, the computer will perform all the necessary measurements. After that you will be able to see the result and estimate how much horsepower your car has. By the way, horsepower as a measurement of power used for the first time in Scotland in 1789. Then one of James watt began to compare how much you need horses for moving from place a steam engine.