The easiest way to know the amount of horsepower in the engine of your car is to look into the technical passport of the car. If the registration certificate is missing, you can access the directory for that automaker, which shows the capacity of all manufactured cars. If power is indicated in kilowatts, then transfer it to horse power by the formula: power in kilowatts multiplied by 1,35962. Get the value of the power in horsepower.
If you are not satisfied with this formal approach, it is possible to measure the power of the engine of your car using a special dynamometer. Seek out this stand (it is in some points of maintenance vehicles), driving to the stand my car.
Then the next course of action: to start the car to warm up. Then put it in first gear and touch. Accelerate to 40-50 km/h, then go to the highest gear. Depress the gas pedal until it stops and try to reach the maximum engine speed (focused on the dashboard). As soon as the engine power will start to fall, turn the transmission into neutral.All this time a special program captures what is happening and, in the end, gives you the power value of your vehicle in horsepower.