In order to make the card Mastercard, should go to any branch of the Bank, whose client you are (or going to be) and write an application for the issue of Bank plastic cards of the Mastercard payment system. Mastercard can be both debit and credit. The first kind of card can be used only for the storage and spending of funds, and credit card provides the opportunity to "go negative", that is, to spend more money on it. Subsequently, the loan must be returned within the prescribed period. In the application for the issuance of the card write your name, patronymic and surname, series and number of passport, as well as a code word that can be used to perform some operations with the map, its blocking and receiving information through it, if necessary.
The manufacture of plastic cards is within about ten working days. After this time come to the Bank and get your card Mastercard together with the envelope, which is required for use of the card information such as account number, cardholder name and pin. If necessary, pay in cash the cost of annual service of card (to pay in cash is optional, the required amount will be debited from the account at the time of his first Deposit). Be sure to place the caption on the back of a plastic card on a special sticker for that.
Also after receiving the card in the Bank, fill out a service informing about the change of account status via sms. It will cost you 30-50 rubles per month. If you want the wages you listed on the card Mastercard, come to the accounting Department and in the relevant application, indicate the account number of your card, which will be transfers.