You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper
Transfer the most part of Russian letters in the Latin alphabet is not difficult. For example, instead of Russian letters And just spelled And Latin, instead of B - B, instead of C - S. However, in the Russian alphabet there are letters to convey that Latin is not so simple. The letter E is transmitted in the Latin alphabet as in YE following instances: if at the beginning of words, after vowels and after soft and hard signs. In all other cases, written E. the Letter E is usually transmitted as an E (e.g. Zvonareva - Zvonareva), if it is necessary to emphasize the sound of the letter E, then write YO (Fyodor - Fyodor).
Latin letter W in English is written as ZH (Rokina - Rozhkina). Letters d and S are transmitted the same way - by the letter Y. But if found the combination of letters S and Y (Dmitry) use one letter Y (Dmitry).
The letter X is indicated by the combination of KH (x - ray- Khariton). The letter C in English writing becomes two letters TS (Flowers - Tsvetkov). The letter H corresponds to the combination of SN (Cherine - Cherin), and the letter W - the combination of SH (Kashin Kashin).
To transfer Russian letters U requires four letters of the Latin alphabet - SHCH (Makov - Shchakov). Soft sign and hard, when writing Russian names in English are not passed at all.
The letter e as the letter E, is transmitted to the Latin letter E (Etkin - Etkin). Russian letter y in its sound consists of Th and U and Latin letters is passed as YU (Yuri - Yury). Similarly is the case with the letter I, which consists of sounds and A and English written as Ya (Yuliya - Yuliya).