You will need
  • - handle;
  • - notebook of words;
  • - a simple notebook.
If someone believes that in our age, to waste your time to learn how to write in cursive, it is not necessary, it is possible to write in block letters. As the printed letters are not connected to each other, it is necessary to observe the minimum distance between them to the spaces inside the words were not more than gaps between words. But know that writing letters by a printing method, you can significantly increase the time for writing a text. Besides, if you will only write printed letters, you will not be able to read handwritten texts.
If you want to write English quickly, nice and clear, start writing in cursive capital letters. This is in elementary school can take a special training notebook, with words. First just try to connect the letters, try to write without moving your hands, this increases the speed of writing. No requirement for uppercase letters no, but choose a way of writing that everyone understood it. Also writing uppercase letters developing fine motor skills in children, which is useful for the overall development. Learning to write uppercase letters you will not go unnoticed, because a beautiful handwriting and neatness are highly valued.
To learn to write beautiful and elegant, you need to exercise regularly. But beautiful handwriting is only part of the skill. The most important thing is to learn how to write correctly, and this will need to learn all the rules of the language. And choosing the font which you will be the most interesting and easy to write, consider the fact that you understand.