Learn the rules of reading.

Not all combinations of letters in the English language sound as they are written. You need to consider longitude and brevity of vowels, the location of the consonant sounds and rules for combining sounds. For example, the word "photo" (photograph) is written as "photos" not "photo". "Tower" (the tower) sounds like "tower" and not "tower". To avoid mistakes it is better to write all combinations of letters in a column and learn them. Information about this is in every textbook of English. It is not difficult and will help to avoid mistakes with the entry of English words in Russian letters.
To understand the special symbols.

For an even more correct entries for English words in Russian letters, you need to learn about English phonetics, but rather about the special symbols phonetic writing. A phonetic record of the words can be found in special dictionaries,including online (for example, Yandex-dictionaries). Let us consider an example. The word "funny" ("funny") in the phonetic entry looks like ['fʌni]. Touch before the sound [f] indicates that the stress falls on the first syllable. And [ʌ] indicates that the letter "u" is a closed syllable and sounds like a short Russian sound [a]. "Y" on the end of a word, denoted phonetically as [i], it sounds like a short Russian sound [and]. Thus, the transcription allows us to write funny, not as "funny" or even "funny" (many confuse " Y " with the Russian from because of the visual similarities), and as "Fanny".
Phonetics of each language is unique. Sometimes the sounds are the same, and sometimes the newcomers long to suffer with the pronunciation because in their language there is no such sounds. For example, the combination "th" has two analogue in Russian: more correct [] incorrect, the sound [z]. So "this" is recorded as "vis" or "VMS", but actually in the Russian language that is "Lisp", dental sound does not exist. The same situation with the letter "W" which is converted into the sound [V]. Most Russians say the Milky Way (milky way) "milky way", not "milky way". Therefore, you need to understand that in some cases variability. It is impossible to convert one script to another with absolute accuracy.