Your username must be unique, to highlight your individuality and significance. At the same time, it needs to be sonorous and well-remembered. Do not create generic logins like "kisa333" or "irina88" users with such usernames are enough.
Choose to login simply by combining his name and surname. For example, at the beginning or at the end of names you can write the first letter of the name. Login "kshepeleva" or "volkov-v" will be original and easy to remember.
If you want to add to login digits, use your birth date or your phone number. For example, "stanislav1984" or "irishka-8826". Also suitable for birthdays of relatives and friends, memorable dates and anniversaries, or number with whom you have something connected.
To login look more formal, you can write it with a capital letter, so how do you usually write your name and surname. Although such Loginov has a serious drawback: not all websites recognize the font with upper case, so when entering a username starting with a capital letter, an error may occur. If you can't log on to the website, try to write the username, using only lowercase letters.
To create a login by simply copying the address of your e-mail. In this case, you don't have to remember the extra information, although the username is unlikely to be considered original.