Decode the abbreviation "OOO". Most likely, it will be well-known economic term "limited liability company".
Choose the dictionary with which you have to translate the word. This may be the classic Russian-English dictionary, made in paper form. You can buy it in a bookstore or a library. If you translate a lot and often don't want to buy this dictionary and use it at home or on the road.
It is often more convenient to translate with the help of electronic dictionaries. This device, which actually keeps a database of words with translations. Unlike a paper dictionary, where you have to find every word, flipping through the many pages in the electronic dictionary provides the ability to quickly search for a word or phrase by its first letter.
A good and inexpensive alternative to an electronic dictionary is a translator app that can be installed on a personal computer, smartphone or PDA. This program provides the ability to connect to different dictionaries, including medical, legal, technical and other terms. Possible to choose between different languages. Thus, the dictionary is always at hand. In addition, there are many online dictionaries available on the Internet.
Try to translate the term by parts. The word "society" in English can be translated as company, seeing it as an economic term. The phrase "limited liability" is a fairly established expression used in Economics, in English is translated as limited liability. In addition, you can find a direct translation of the whole term "limited liability company". Most dictionaries suggest that it will be a limited liability company or just a limited company.
Find the translation of the abbreviation "OOO". In English, as in Russian it is an abbreviation composed of the first letters, i.e. LLC. Also widely used the abbreviation Ltd., which is the abbreviation for limited. Sometimes it is used with the addition of the word company, and then it is written as Co. Ltd.