Compose a word in English, following a common transliteration. Russian letter A corresponds to English A/A, B – B/B, B – V/V, G – G/g, D – D/D, E – E/e, E – Yo/yo, Zh – Zh/zh, Z – Z/z, – I/i, Th – Y/y, K/K, L – L/L, M – M/M, N – N/N, O/o, P – P/p, R – R/r – S/S, T – T/t U – U/u, f – F/f, X – H/h, TS – Ts/ts, WH – Ch/ch, sh – Sh/sh, Shch – Shch/shch, b ”, S – y, S – ’, e – E/e, Yu – Yu/yu, I – Ya/ya. Now you can write Russian word in English letters.
Write SMS to phone English letters. This method will reduce the cost of the message 2 times, because it includes much more characters than when typing Russian letters. When writing SMS using the most approximate to Russian letters signs. For example, the letter "Z" is replaced by the number "3" (three), the letter "H" - "4", Russian"," English "Y", "X", "X" (x) "C" "LL", "W" and "U" - "W" "Th" - "i". The other letters are the same as in the previous method.
Take advantage of special online programs in which there is an automatic transliteration from Russian into English. To write Russian word in English letters, sign in to be transliter. Type the word on the keyboard in a special box, and then click "translit" or "to perform the transliteration", then the program will alter the spelling of the word. Also there are programs that you can download to your computer.