In the English-Russian translation avoid Russification. This applies, above all, organizational-legal forms of organizations. It is wrong to replace us LLC, Russian "OOO", CJSC – "company", and JSC – OAO, although in fact the appropriate legal form similar. The fact is that, meeting in the text the abbreviation "LTD", "ZAO" or "OAO", the reader implicitly concluded that it is a Russian company registered in Russia and operating in accordance with the laws of our country. The authenticity of the names of the legal form of the foreign company provides transcription, so the correct translation will be: LLC "El si", JSC – "j es si", CJSC – "si j s si", etc. This rule applies to not only American, but any foreign companies. The actual brand name put also method of transcription. Written in Russian, the name of the company is subject to quoting, for example, Flowers, LLC – "flowers, El si".
In agreement with the customer the first mention of the company name in the text duplicate the English spelling in parentheses: "flowers, El si" (Flowers, LLC). Not preclude the duplication of names every time you mention the firm.
In the English-Russian translation of legal texts with the customer's consent to leave the organization name in the original language without changes: Flowers, LLC. Written in Latin, the name is not subject to the allocation of quotes.
In the Russian-English translation of the title of Russian organizations translate method of transliteration. There are several systems for transliteration: the system of the Library of Congress, ISO 9 – 1995 and others. Agree in advance with the customer of the translation which system should be used. Default use system approved by GOST R 52535.1 – 2006 (Annex 1).
In marketing, the academic literature allowed the direct translation of the name of the legal form of the company specifying the country of its origin. For example:

Flowers, LLC – limited liability company "flowers" (USA);
LLC "Flowers" - "Сvety" (Limited Liability Company) or Сvety, LLC (Russia).
In literary translation contact us with the names of firms more freely. First of all, consider how to submit the name of the company so that it harmonizes with the text of the work, and the meaning implied by the author, was not lost.
In the case of reverse translation, when, for example, need to translate the English version of the document in which appears the name of the Russian company, written in English, always go back to the exact original name.