You will need
  • the price
  • - handle
  • printing trade organization
Write (type) at the top of the tag name. This information will be a kind of hidden advertising of your store.
How to make a correct price tag on the product
Specify a large legible font on the item. Not necessary in the pursuit of "beauty" to write in italic or fanciful handwriting. It may visually spoil the impression about the product. In addition, such a handwriting is difficult to read from afar. The main background of the tag should not be combined with the font, otherwise the information about the product will not be visible.
How to make a correct price tag on the product
In large print, write the item price per unit, kilo or box. This can be done at the bottom of the price tag, but the figure should clearly emerge in the background of all the rest of the information about the product.
Indicate on the price tag the variety of goods.
Put on the price tag the signature of financially responsible person. To replace such signature will help seal or stamp of the trade organization.
Make sure to put the price list on the date of its registration, and shelf life of the product. If this information is not reflected on the price tag for expired goods the buyer can show the seller the requirement to refund and moral compensation.
Enter any additional information. Rules of sale of separate groups of goods also provides for specifying additional information about the country of manufacture and manufacturer-specific, information about the important consumer characteristics of the product (composition, application). This will allow the buyer to quickly Orient in the choice of goods without seeking clarification from the sellers.
Choose a group of goods price tags, similar in shape or size. Mark on the price tags of these goods. For example, in the children's toy Department in the corner of the price tag you can draw the bear. And in the Department where they sold children's clothes, you can use tags with the image of a t-shirt.