Write at the top of the page: "price list". Next fill in what products, goods or services prepared the document; its serial number.
Specify what number are these tariffs. For example, write: "Introduced from 01 December 2012". Next, specify the name of the company.
Make a table of the price list. In the header of the table in the first column write the number of the goods (services). In the second column write the name of the product (work or service). Third column name: tariffs, VAT, and the fourth can add if required: prices are exclusive of VAT.
Draw a line at the table — they should be the same as the item you want to amend this price list. Enter data into the resulting table. Can specify the items in alphabetical order or depending on the prices. For example, start to complete the table with the product that has the lowest price, and then continue to enter items as increasing the cost.
Break the menu into multiple tables, if the goods (work) are classified as intended or their prices depend on the time of day. Can add the desired number of columns. If you make up a price list for services may be additionally specified in the table below: estimated duration of the services, the cost of a visit to the customer and the cost without checking out, providing services on an individual basis, for urgent services.
Enter notes below the table. They can include information that reflects when and by whom was composed of data rates, from which date the document will come into force. Can specify the amount of compensation upon failure to perform work with inadequate quality service or product.
Check ready the price list with the Director and accountant. Sign and printing company.