In Russia, the labels on products of any type were absent until the 19th century, and the product presented by the seller, as they say, "face." But with the introduction of specific rules with the release of a product, various Standards and specifications have been introduced and the obligation of labeling, descriptions, and instructions other necessary information about the subject of the sale.

Many unscrupulous manufacturers use the label of their products as advertisement to attract the attention of potential buyers. However, to specify everything required by law, in no hurry. That's why everyone who goes to the store, should be able to read the label and know what she needs to tell.

General rules of registration labels

There are rules established by the legislation for registration of labels for products of any type, whether food, appliances or clothing.

All manufacturers, without exception, must indicate on the label the address of the office where the management of a legal entity, the address where manufacturing workshops or factories producing the goods, and provide telephone numbers. Official website and the way of the Internet connection point at their presence and at the request of the manufacturer, as the item in the legislation is not specified.

In addition, the label must be indicated as that from which is made the product, what time and what is its shelf life or service. If products can be hazardous or there are any limitations on its application, this information should also be conveyed to the consumer. Products made outside of Russia, must have the description in Russian.

What information should be on the label of food products

Particular care should be taken to design labels on food products. In addition to the advertising slogans and bright images it should be specified the shelf life, they should be crisp, free of tears and erosions, easy to read. Must be given a detailed list of the substances included in the product, including nutritional supplements, dyes and preservatives. On the semi-finished products, the manufacturer is obliged to describe the way of cooking, recommended proportions and time of cooking or frying.

What must be stated on the labels of industrial products

The labels of garments should be placed information about its size, the fiber of which it is made. According to the rules of the legislation on consumer rights, the customer must obtain and recommendations for the care, washing and drying bought them things.

Appliances shall be marked with the main parameters – power consumption and size. On the label of chemical cleaning agent for household items, clothing and home indicate what precautions must be applied when working with it, and how and where you can use them.