You will need
  • computer;
  • printer.
First make a hat price listin which to include all your contact information on the company: the company name, its legal and operational address, contact numbers, email address and website on the Internet. If desired, specify the cell phone number of sales Manager or attach a business card with his data. In addition, the cap must be specified for what product or service is composed of the price listand the manufacturer. For example, components for furniture manufacturer – factory "Hardware".
Next, place a table that list the following required information: sequence number, product name, its SKU, unit of measure (pieces, packaging, etc.), the price of the product. If you are in the price list include products from different vendors, add a column that will be specified by the manufacturer.
If necessary, enter in the price, extra columns, such as "note". In this column we will give necessary explanations on price or product. In the bottom of the table specify the conditions of shipment, the shipping methods under system of discounts, or any other final provisions.
In compiling the price listand remember that since 2005 there is a law that forbids to specify the price in conventional units. Therefore, the cost of goods and services necessarily prescribed in Russian rubles.
Do price of a fixed length and enter the stock for each position. First, for the buyer, sometimes the availability of products from the seller more important than price. And secondly, competitors will be more difficult to keep track of your inventory.