Bar code for their products

Receiving a bar code type EAN-13 implies membership in the international organization of EANCODE. For this you first need to fill out an application for membership, in accordance with the prescribed form. To document a complete registry of products that you are going to put bar-coding. The next step – transfer to your account EANCODE entry fee in the amount of 10 000 rubles, plus the cost of the service (database support) for the first 12 months – $ 5,000 In the future Board will consist of annual $ 5,000

If you want to speed up the procedure of getting a code, then you can both document – statement, list of products, details of bills sent to Send the information you need to open a file format Word, Excel (stamp and signature is not needed).

The bar code within the enterprise

Commodity code can be applied only for the needs of the enterprise. In such cases, the first digit must be "2". This prefix means "for internal use". For example, any supermarket can independently produce labels with a deuce in the beginning and glue them on products where there is no bar code manufacturer. While the structure of the code defined by the user.

I should add that in addition to the EAN-13 in the world are still 225 th barcode types. Any company has the right to choose the most appropriate code with a structure designed by the organization itself. For example, it can be not only product name but also the name of the unit of the enterprise, vehicle, employee, maintainer of the document. This code is useful for automation of workflow and internal accounting.

Mount labels

The marking process is not the last place in the system of bar coding. How properly secured label depends on the readability of the code. The first thing you need to pay attention to the quality of the paper. After affixing the stamp, you must make sure that the ink has dried up and damage the code accidental touch impossible. Sticker labels, try to avoid deformation, for example, if you paste code on a small in height jar, it can be placed either horizontally or at an angle of 270°. Pay attention to storage conditions of the labeled products, if the humidity is increased, it is necessary to use a special waterproof labels.