On the price tags of different types of goods, food and non-food needs to be relevant information. If you are preparing to print a price tag for food items, remember to specify the following data:
• for weighing goods is the product name, variety, price per kilogram or one hundred grams, depending on the mass of the filling;
• for product sold to the glass – product name, price per unit of capacity or plumb;
• for boxed products and beverages, packaged by the manufacturer in bottles, cans, boxes, bags, etc., - product name, capacity or weight, price per packing.
In the preparation of information for the price tag on food should pay attention of the buyer on:
• product name, grade, price per kilogram, litre or thing;
• small piece goods (perfumes, accessories, etc.) – product name, manufacturer and price.
Of great importance in the preparation of price tag are color, font and shape. When selecting these components the first thing to remember about the main thing:
• information about the product on the price list shall be clearly legible and clearly visible to the buyer, i.e. when you select a font it is necessary to stay on a better option;
• groups of homogeneous goods should have the same format and color of the price tags, for example: dairy products – green; products of sea – blue; ceramics – brown; non – food products- orange, bright blue, red;
• the price tags of simple geometric shapes are easier perceived and remembered by customers compared to the complex and unusual.
To print a price tag of square or rectangular shape will not be difficult even in Microsoft Word. It defined the size, make the page convenient for you orientation, table cells in a suitable format. In the first cell enter thought out in advance the text meeting the above requirements. If necessary, insert picture. Copy the contents of the cell, is inserted into the other, save and print. At your discretion you can also use other programs, which in large quantities is available for download on the Internet.
The final stage of the production price tag will be the assurance of his signature financially responsible or officials whose duty it is to this function. The price tag also displays the details of the store, which shall be marked clearly and without corrections a stamp or ink.