You will need
  • paper, computer.
Specify in the header the exact company name and correct contact information – telephone, address, email address, website address, etc. In the price list must indicate for which type of product it is made. Example: women's shoes, leather, manufacturer of Green butterfly.
A table that is located under cap, must consist of the following mandatory columns: serial number, part number, product name, unit of measure, price.
Be sure to specify what currency are the prices and do they include VAT. The SKU should be clear and better if it used the most common marking system. If the firm adopted its own system of part numbers, please indicate next to the appropriate conventional part number.
Allowed the possibility of introducing additional columns, such as "add" or "notes". They should reflect the data that was not included in the main columns, but are very important. At the very bottom of the price list should put the final position - it can be terms of delivery or shipment.
In order not to endlessly alter the price to reflect the prices in conventional units, pointing inside the course in the firm on a particular day. This will simplify the work. Remember that very often the availability of the product for the buyer is more important than its price.
In the preparation of price provide the buyer with the most information about the product. This document should be simple and convenient for customer who do not care about your internal documentation requirements. Do not post unnecessary information - this may harm the firm and become a source of unnecessary problems.
Get ready to spread the price in the form in which the client wants. Some buyers prefer paper documents, some electronic. With the development of electronic price use the most popular among users of the program.