Advice 1: How to make a label

The label is a tag, marking the product or product. It can be simple, consisting only of inscriptions, and a complex visual composition. Many people think that the label for any product can be created only typographically, but it's not. To make the label even allow the functionality of the text editor Microsoft Word that is installed on virtually every personal computer.
How to make a label
The label starts with a sketch. Take a clean sheet of paper and think about which decals you want to place on the label and which picture or photo can be placed on it as a substrate. Break it into several zones, which will host the title, verbal instructions, specifications or other output. Zones can be restricted to framework or not to have them. Labels can also visually separated by horizontal lines.
In the main menu "View" on the top toolbar, connect toolbar "Drawing", it will appear on the bottom of the text editor. Clicking on any button on this panel, there is a highlighted area that says "Create a drawing". Click the right mouse button) and adjust its shape and size. The area inside the frame will be your label.
On the drawing toolbar, you can select and add to your label ornamental lettering in the style of WordArt, pictures and images. In the image properties you can mark it as a substrate that will allow you to change the contrast, brightness and make it transparent, does not interfere to read the inscriptions placed on it.

Advice 2: How to make a label in photoshop

Things made by hand, contain much more heat and the effort of their authors, rather than things stamped by the factory. Objects created with their hands, highly appreciated at all times, and they are especially sought after today – that's why so popular are the various craftsmen that make a variety of items himself, and sold them to other people. To make your store even more unique, you can create original handmade stickers that will add style and attractiveness to your product.
How to make a label in photoshop
To make your own brand label by using Photoshop. To start search the Internet and download any image texture that you like and fit the theme – for example, the texture of cardboard or crumpled paper.
In Photoshop create a new document and upload the downloaded texture, simultaneously moving it to a new image. Create a form with labels on a separate layer by drawing the outline with Pen tool Tool – at this stage, the texture layer can be temporarily made invisible.
Select the created contour and, if necessary, rename it. Then click on the keyboard, press U and draw by holding Shift, right place the label club, which can then be cut to affix the label over the ribbon or string to the product.
Select the Direct Selection tool and select the created circuit, and then drag it onto the texture and then select the tool free transform (Free Transform). Holding Shift, drag the outline of the texture to the desired size. Now, convert the path to selection and add layer mask, then go to layer styles (Layer Style) and set some options – Drop Shadow with blending mode Multiply, Bevel and Emboss style Inner Bevel.
Now create a new layer and click on the toolbar Elliptical Marquee Tool. Create around a circle previously created circular selection. Fill it with suitable color. Change the layer blend mode to Multiply, and then reduce the layer opacity to 70%.
Modify the label – draw a rope using the Pen Tool instrumenter and apply to them the option Stroke. Write on the label of any text describing your products or insert a logo.

Advice 3: How to remove label from wine bottle

Sometimes bottles of wine are real masterpieces of glass-blowing skill. There are also labels that for one reason or another want to keep. It is often necessary to separate the label from the glass, but this is not always easy.
How to remove label from wine bottle

How to clean bottle?

If your goal is to get a clean bottle of wine without a trace of labels and adhesive, for example, to make the original vases, compositions, capacities for storage of liquids or even of a ship in a bottle, then for the safety labels you should not worry. The most famous and popular method is to soak the bottle for a few hours in warm water, after which the label should be easy to separate. However, this option only works if the manufacturer used a water soluble glue. You can also wrap the bottle with a wet cloth. Remnants of glue and labels can be easily removed with a sponge or brush. In a pinch you can use a special scraper for the glass, but be careful not to scratch the surface of the bottle.
In stores you can find special tape for removing labels used by wine tasters to conduct wine tasting albums.

Unfortunately, in recent years more and more manufacturers are used for labelling the so-called nesasanai glue. He is not afraid of water, so even the long soaking will do nothing. However, do not despair, as this glue is sensitive to high temperatures. Pour into a bottle of boiling water, and literally half a minute later the label can be removed without any effort. In addition, you can warm the bottle with a hair dryer or an oil radiator. Of course, the traces of glue still remain but can be rubbed away with a fat cream or vegetable oil, dabbing it on a piece of cloth.
The label is peeled off by heating, it may be glued in album to a "native" of the adhesive layer which remains on the inner side of the sticker.

Is it possible to save label?

If your goal is maximum preservation of the integrity of the label, everything is a bit more complicated. Instead of soaking, which can severely damage the label, it is better to hold the bottle over the steam, pre-wrapping the neck with a towel to avoid burning yourself. Another option is the use of solvents or gasoline, which you need to gently wet the label, until it is saturated. Having waited for evaporation of gasoline, you will likely be able to remove the label without much effort. Of course, this method works only in the case of paper labels. Plastic labels will have to soak with gasoline inside, picked up a sticker for the area. However, such labels are glued to nesasanai glue, as a rule, you can gently peel off without any preparation.
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