You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents of the individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • - a contract.
You can transfer the goods under implementation in any retail outlets, operating on the basis of the opening of the legal entity or private enterprise. Product you can transfer a piece or in wholesale, as well as brand-new or used.
When the transfer of the goods, present your passport and documents confirming your right to engage in entrepreneurial activities and profit from this kind of activity. This document can serve as evidence of the individual entrepreneur or legal entity.
Enclose with the Commission agreement that you can hand-write two copies of a blueprint. The contract should have all the conditions for the implementation of the adopted product, deadlines, instructions on the amount of remuneration to the Commission, payment for storage of goods in the trade or in the warehouse of the Commission and other conditions of sale as well as the calculation of supplier in the face of the principal.
Always make sure that the contract sequence number that was signed by officials responsible for receiving goods, date and seal of the enterprise engaged in comissioners activities.
The agreement is a bilateral document, so you may also be required to sign it that means you agree with all the exposed conditions of implementation by both parties.
If you're checking for the implementation of a wholesale consignment of goods, it is necessary to have a certificate of quality and certificate of customs control, if the goods imported from abroad the Russian Federation.
For piece goods, used, of these documents is not required, as the document confirming the right to engage in commercial activities. It is sufficient to present a passport with a stamp about registration.
You have the right to pass on realization of goods, non-perishable. Also you can't surrender and to take on the implementation of the pre-owned hosiery, underwear.
If you're checking for the implementation of a wholesale consignment of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals or medicines, in addition to the certificate from the manufacturer must present the certificate of quality corresponding to GOST products, authorized for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation.