The term "distributor" has several meanings. In the broadest sense of the word distributor is an intermediary engaged in trading and often, and marketing activities. Distributors are companies that have the right to the purchase and sale of certain products (most often vehicles, various equipment, software, etc.) in the region (including foreign) markets. With the development of network marketing , the concept of distribution has expanded significantly. Now the concept of "distributor" is most often mentioned in the context of multi-level marketing, meaning a company representative, independently engaged in sales of products through direct sales. In America, the distributors first appeared in the 30s of the last century. Then, Carl Rehnborg, a chemist by profession, founded the company engaged in the production and sale of dietary supplements. Each purchaser was a distributor and was entitled to receive a percentage of sales at a successful involvement in a trading network of new customers. And I must say, the business of renborg proved to be very profitable, the company has managed in a short time to go on a fairly decent speed. The distribution was improved by the fact that the distributor, the company made a profit even with the sales of those distributorswho joined the trading process, not to them personally, and with the filing once attracted them to distributors. In the 90's. the Russian citizens robbed many of the pyramids, presenting its activities as distributor. But then people just didn't know that the distributor should not begin their career ascent with no entry fees. To date, the distributorship is a completely legitimate business scheme. As for the intermediary companies and individual entrepreneurs who start their career from scratch, given all the opportunities for high earnings. The key to success in the distribution business is a high quality, population needs product, the price tag on which is adequate in terms of price and quality, as well as the ability to motivate, persuade, sell. In addition, the manufacturer is beneficial to recruit distributors, because distributors are able to provide high sales in the regions and abroad, not consisting in staff of the company.