Advice 1: How to open your trade booth

Small retail trade in the street entrepreneur does not promise mountains of gold, but it is able to feed someone who already got some experience of doing this kind of business and found out his little secrets. Opening his kiosk once, to create new outlets for its network you'll without any problems.
How to open your trade booth
You will need
  • - permission from the local administration and authority of the fire inspection;
  • - certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur;
  • - "box" vending kiosk;
  • set of the trading equipment (including cash registers);
  • one or two plug-in implementer.
Select a place where will be located the kiosk, keeping in mind the key circumstances conducive to street trade. First, you need a high throughput, second - possibility to connect to electricity and other utilities (if necessary), and thirdly - the lack of stiff competition in the targeted area. The latter is important both from a purely economic point of view, and for reasons of your safety - to learn about current traditions and pitfalls in this field in advance of need.
Obtain permission for installation of outlets in a chosen location and apply to the Department of architecture and Department of Commerce of the local administration. Having received a "good" register individual enterprise in the body of the tax Inspectorate. In advance obtain the consent of the staff of the fire inspection, which will then arrive again at already has a point to inspect the condition of the fire extinguisher, which she will include.
Purchase kiosk, after reviewing all the available ads about selling used vending boxes - for the large city it is quite a seller. Arrange delivery and installation of the kioskand the point - all work will take you a few days, although it will require involving a third-party labor and equipment. Connect the stall to the electricity contract with the electricity supplier.
Buy a standard set of commercial equipment for a kioskand wooden trays, metal racks, refrigerators and scales. You may also cash register, who will need to register with the tax authority. This set of commercial equipment for your purposes would be sufficient.
Find several sellers that will work in your kioske, replacing each other. Many shopkeepers prefer to work in stand alone, only forced to leave the workplace at the time of purchase of the product. Hope that the seller hired to sell effectively only if his salary will be the salary and the percentage received for a change of profit.

Advice 2: How to access your pharmacy

One of the most profitable types of business is a pharmacy business. The demand for drugs is never reduced, while the range of medicinal products is constantly growing. So the correct approach to business, the payback period of this business can be counted in months. Opening your own pharmacy or a pharmacy kiosk is not much different from open a shop, except that the presence of additional constraints.
How to access your pharmacy
First and foremost, you must determine the location of open pharmacies. The most profitable are the places where people gather, e.g., shopping malls, subway exit, etc. the high cost of rent here pay off big in sales. On the other hand, opening a pharmacy on the outskirts of the city, you can save on rent, but the flow of customers in this case will be lower.
Pharmacy business must be licensed. The process of obtaining regulatory approvals could be delayed up to six months, as provides for continuous operation of the various services (fire, sanitary, etc.).
The specificity of traded goods requires the presence of highly qualified personnel. In the first place is the pharmacist, which not only performs the functions of the seller, but also advises buyers to purchase a particular drug.
Like any outlet, a pharmacy must be appropriately equipped. To the pharmacy I need to purchase a cash register, computer, refrigerators, shelves and showcases, in General, all that is inherent in the normal store.
Finally, the success of this type of business is a wide range of products that meet the demand of large number buyers. In addition, the customer should always have an alternative for any drug. The range of goods may be extended with devices for diagnostics and other medical products.

Advice 3: How to open a kiosk with ice cream

You decided to open your own business? Find the right niche in which few competitors. Selling ice cream is a great summer business idea. Attachments need quite a bit. You will also need hard work and luck. With this approach, success is guaranteed!
How to open a kiosk with ice cream

You need to start a business

Selling ice cream can be an excellent option the family business. If you have no business experience, start with the basics. Open the stall. You need to collect all the documents and issue the IP. Be sure to allocate funds for the purchase of the freezer. Want to save money? Then don't buy a new freezer. To start fit and has worked Assembly. You'll need and the kiosk.

The beginners can be advised to enter into a contract with the manufacturer of ice cream. You will sell products of only one brand. And ice cream maker will give you the equipment to rent. Check with the authorities the location of the kiosk. Will receive a permit for retail sale of sanitary and epidemiological stations. The permit must be issued for food products group. Note that the seller should be sure to have a sanitary book.

How to make a business successful

Very much depends on the place, where there will be a kiosk. Selling ice cream is good around children's attractions, on public transport. You can put a stall in the market, in the Park, at the intersection of streets with heavy traffic. Think about the range. Best of all, if your kiosk will be sold at least fifteen or twenty types of ice cream. This range will satisfy the demand of customers of any age.

The opening of the kiosk has several advantages. Comparing the cost of renting space for the kiosk with the rental of space in the store, you will see that the first option will cost you much cheaper. If you place a kiosk in a busy location failed, use ads to attract attention. All the cost of opening a kiosk will pay for itself very quickly.

Very well, if you have start-up capital for rent. Must have money on the first paycheck of the sellers, for the purchase of the freezer and the first batch of goods. First you can successfully trade yourself. Then he should hire some sellers. They will work in shifts. Conduct regular stocktaking. Revenue take alone or put the safe in a nearby store. The seller will daily add to his revenue. The collector will pick up the money once a week.

Delivery better implement on your own car. When you have multiple kiosks that will charge the right shipping companies.

Advice 4: How to open your own stalls

Many people want to have albeit small, but own business. Often such an endeavour over time grows into a large business, as you gain experience in the commercial sector. Opening their stalls – the best option in order to test their entrepreneurial skills.
How to open your own stalls
By registering as an individual entrepreneur, start to look for a suitable place to put the stalls. It is desirable to exclude the presence of other nearby stalls selling similar products. Make yourself comfortable in a place with large concentrations of people and high permeability, for example, at a stop of public transport. Next, you need to contact the sales Department of the district Council on whose territory will be your tent, for registration of securities on rent. You will need a cash register, drinks fridge and at least the minimum amenities to the seller (a chair, a heater in the cold season, the fan in the summer, etc.).
The most popular range of products – cigarettes, beer, soft drinks, energy gum, chips, nuts, etc. the List of goods must be previously agreed with the regional government and the state, and to obtain the appropriate trade licenses. Can be bought on the wholesale bases. If you do not have a private place to store products, orders to do with the frequency determined by the demand for the commodity and its consumption.
The number of sellers of the tent depends on the trade regime. Work schedule can be a day, two by two or a day after two if the trade does not stop at night. To find the staff most effectively through ads, especially when placing in the window of the tent. The most valuable quality of the seller of a stall – honesty. Even if at first glance a person inspires confidence in you, it will be useful to check on the cleanliness, to avoid further problems with the shortage.
Useful advice
If you don't have at least a basic knowledge of accounting, it is worth hiring an accountant or to undergo special courses on self-reporting of private enterprise.

Advice 5: How to sell meat

Any business activity is very serious, and there are always certain risks. Trade meat is no exception. To open your trading a point or several points need to collect some documents and to have good and reliable suppliers.
How to sell meat
You will need
  • License;
  • - permission to trade;
  • - registration in the tax as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • resolution of SES;
  • equipment;
  • - contract with suppliers;
  • - health book.
To sell meat in several ways: open your meat kiosk or to rent it, rent space in the store or in the city markets.
To open a kiosk, rent or lease point of sales in the store must have all equipment necessary for trading meat. The equipment includes: refrigerated and freezer counters, large refrigerator to store meat, set axes, and knives, cash register, scales, wooden chocks for cutting meat, washing the counter to pickup meat. You also need to buy for yourself and working personnel.
One should obtain a set of documents that allow trade in meat. Write an application to the licensing chamber, the statement in local administration. In the tax office need be registered as a individual entrepreneur, and when you open multiple outlets as a legal entity.
If you open your outlet, then you need the SES, representatives of fire protection. SES will issue a permit if the outlet will have two rooms at least 6 m, water supply and Sewerage.
All your employees (and you) are bound to have sanitary book and every 6 months to renew a work permit with the products.
Next you need to negotiate with reliable suppliers on the delivery of fresh and quality meat. If at least once the meat is poor quality or stale, you will lose customers. Meat should be supplied with stamps, with certificates of conformity.
If you are going to sell meat in the city markets, you need to rent outlets, refrigerators, vending equipment. All documents are the same as when trading in the halls or rented stores, in addition to the conclusion of SES on the outlet and fire protection. This will take care of the administration of the market.
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