You will need
  • - permission from the local administration and authority of the fire inspection;
  • - certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur;
  • - "box" vending kiosk;
  • set of the trading equipment (including cash registers);
  • one or two plug-in implementer.
Select a place where will be located the kiosk, keeping in mind the key circumstances conducive to street trade. First, you need a high throughput, second - possibility to connect to electricity and other utilities (if necessary), and thirdly - the lack of stiff competition in the targeted area. The latter is important both from a purely economic point of view, and for reasons of your safety - to learn about current traditions and pitfalls in this field in advance of need.
Obtain permission for installation of outlets in a chosen location and apply to the Department of architecture and Department of Commerce of the local administration. Having received a "good" register individual enterprise in the body of the tax Inspectorate. In advance obtain the consent of the staff of the fire inspection, which will then arrive again at already has a point to inspect the condition of the fire extinguisher, which she will include.
Purchase kiosk, after reviewing all the available ads about selling used vending boxes - for the large city it is quite a seller. Arrange delivery and installation of the kioskand the point - all work will take you a few days, although it will require involving a third-party labor and equipment. Connect the stall to the electricity contract with the electricity supplier.
Buy a standard set of commercial equipment for a kioskand wooden trays, metal racks, refrigerators and scales. You may also cash register, who will need to register with the tax authority. This set of commercial equipment for your purposes would be sufficient.
Find several sellers that will work in your kioske, replacing each other. Many shopkeepers prefer to work in stand alone, only forced to leave the workplace at the time of purchase of the product. Hope that the seller hired to sell effectively only if his salary will be the salary and the percentage received for a change of profit.