First and foremost, the success of your grocery store will directly depend on its location. It is best to arrange the store in a densely populated residential area. Please note to close your store was not huge supermarkets and grocery chains. With such competition with your little shop just can not cope. For modern consumers it is very important that a grocery store was located next to the house. You will find that "running" the place and half the work is done!
In addition, please note that not every room will fit to the organization in this grocery store. For example, the room must be fairly spacious, so you can easily get a permit to trade from the SES. Also notice the legislation of your region. In some areas, to implement the alcoholic products can only OOO and SP, the sale of alcohol is prohibited. If the legislation in your city all in order, you can head over to city tax authority for permission to trade.
So, you have decided on the room and agreed on all the necessary papers with the firefighters and SES. The next stage is the purchase of equipment. First and foremost, you'll need cash registers and equipment for food storage. Read the local newspaper ad, often the stores after closing sell unwanted equipment at bargain prices that will allow you to save some money. The main thing - do a thorough inspection of the equipment prior to purchase, otherwise future problems will not be gathered. Piece of equipment, for example, refrigerators for drinks, you can get totally free from suppliers. But in any case, tune in to what the purchase of equipment will take about $10,000 and more, depending on the size of the store and the expected range.
The next step in opening a grocery store - it is a sourcing and recruitment. Good suppliers can be found on the Internet or you can use the accumulated experience of the neighboring shops. As for the staff, for a small shop you'll need about 4-5 vendors working in shifts, cleaner, security guard and administrator. Find people by advertisements in Newspapers or on the Internet. Remember that the store is his face, from workers will depend impression of the buyers about your store. Therefore, pay special attention to the competence and courtesy sellers and administrators, do not skimp on a decent wage.