Sit the way you want. You can sit in the Lotus position or lie down. Now you should achieve total relaxation. Head down, if you want, you can close your eyes. All the problems release, your thoughts must be pure, in mind, nothing must remain a void. All the thoughts and plans you have to Park outside of his consciousness. Enjoy the relaxation of your body.
When you achieve purity of your consciousness, visualize the image of the person you want to dream. You should clearly see him sleeping in the room. No need to make sudden jumps, gradually focusing his attention on the sleeping man on the decor of his room. A good look at his face. must be the feeling, you actually stand near his bed. At this stage you should be just an observer. You don't have to take any action, now you simply enter the human consciousness, whose dream is to need to enter. Perhaps at first you will not be able to see clearly a sleeping person, before your eyes flashes of hundreds of unrelated symbols. Be calm, wait and keep thinking about this person. After about ten minutes you will begin to see the sleeper.
When you see a image of a sleeping, and continues to flash various scenes from his dream - you must remain passive in anything not to intervene. Your task - to get to the "third eye" of the sleeper. Once you mentally get into the consciousness, can do a man in a dream anything. now you can say what you think to do something that you can't do in reality. But do not forget that it was only a dream, and sleep can just forget him waking up in the morning. You are also vulnerable in someone else's dream. After all, when you are completely involved in it, you are asleep.