Tune in to a long meditative process. You are unlikely to get the desired first time, as it takes some brain training. And while you gather your thoughts and to master necessary skills, answer the question about whether you need this contact. Because there is a likelihood that it is difficult to bring the situation back back. Remember that the dead can respond to your call unpredictable. Besides, if he or she loved you, it is likely that the reluctance to appear to you is a kind of concern about your well-being.
Train your imagination. For this there are many different esoteric training. For example, try to "force" a match to light up or change the color of the interior, while retaining all other characteristics. Also trains the mind visually represented on a white sheet of paper with black dots, which must be monitored.
Learn long about anything not to think. Then you will be able to control their minds completely.
Learn to disengage from their own feelings. Remember that when you are in the dream to call me deceased, you should not feel. No fear and analyses of the situation.
Sleep by tuning in the desired fashion. In your mind should form the chain of three points. The first of these is your imagination in full flight. The second is something that will compel your imagination to reality. By this time you will understand that it will be a factor. And the last third should serve your desire to receive a response or other necessary information.