First you need to tune in remembering dreams. Develop the habit of Recalling dreams upon awakening. Skill of remembering is better to fix with the help of such simple techniques as recording. So put next to the bed, a pen and Notepad to immediately after waking up to record the highlights.
Need to program myself that when the goal is achieved, there should be a command to Wake up. The man behind all night sees about five dreams, separated, so to speak, night interludes. And the answer to your query may occur, for example, in the first dream. But man, when waking up in the morning, usually remember only the last dream. And can therefore come to the conclusion that it did not work.
Imagine yourself a good personwho you want to see in a dream. You need to imagine very precisely, down to the last detail. Before going to sleep remind yourself this query. Sometimes what you want to dream does not come immediately, it may take time. For credibility can record who you want to see on paper or to speak his name aloud before bedtime.
When you are in a calm relaxed state, starting to fall asleep, you need to try to focus on your request – this will send a dream in the right direction. Before entering into the dream you need to imagine everything in great detail. The picture environment, all inextricably linked to the intended purpose.