To dream about a loved one, you can use ancient conspiracies. In the old days girls use them to remind yourself of his betrothed. After all, had to meet in secret from parents. Dating was rare.

For these plots don't need magical amulets and special drugs. They are very simple. But have great strength. Hold them only 2-3 times a month.

Saving the rain

In autumn the actual conspiracy in the rain. Stretch open palms towards the drops. Imagine that a loved one is near. Mentally addressing him, say, "Kapay-kapay rain. Ebaychevy cute. Let him dream, let us see. Let looks at me – do not look. Let loves me – will he still love never. Amen."

Flight of ideas

Helps and conspiracy on the smoke. But to perform the ritual, take a little straw. Or three of the old twig broom.

One straw or twig hide under the pillow. The rest is put on a metal tray and set it on fire, standing in front of an open window.

While the smoke is flowing, read the spell: "Go, smoke, to the servant of God (name of choice). To haze the wind spun and spun, so I pretty at night dreaming. Amen."

Smoke will fly away and carry the news to a dear person.

The image on the water

If there's a photo of a loved one, spend a plot to it. Put on the table a photograph. Next to a bowl of water.

Light a candle before the photo. Look at the flame through her. Compose a dream for a loved one.

Take your time, you need to come up with the details. Sleep should be a pleasant and memorable one.

Then move the view to the water. Try to see on its surface a cute image. If possible, sleep he will dream.

Water should drink. And then to say: "my Beloved (name), biding me in my sleep. I'm coming for you. Amen."

Mirror to sleep

Buy a new mirror. Small and always round. Write on it his name.

Hold mirror to mouth. The breath should touch its surface. Three times repeat the text of the conspiracy: "In the mirrored surface reflect, dream favorite are. (Name) to sleep but to rest. And my dream of seeing. Amen."

The mirror put it under the pillow. Reflective surface up. If love is strong, and zagovornye words of our hearts, our loved one will see a welcome sleep.

In the morning wash the mirror in running water. Wipe dry. Do not let others look into it. Otherwise information will be lost.

Wrap the mirror in natural fabric. And clean until the next time.


The full moon will approach the conspiracy on the moon. Look at the Orb of night. Cross over the mouth, turn to the moon with a request: "Dream about me for the servant of God (name your favorite). Amen."

Or write a conspiracy. Read it three times. Then leaf burn. Throw the ashes into the street. And go straight to bed.