The people of knowledge say that to make a prophetic dream can only be on a particular day. Carefully review this information and use. For example, since ancient times the night of Friday is considered the time when man can find his destiny. A special role was attributed to the twelve great Friday – the beginning of lent, before the Annunciation, palm Sunday and other Christian holidays. The most likely sleep always have at Christmas.
Before you make a prophetic dream, well consider the question look for the answer. Formulate it in such a way that is uniquely you can answer "Yes" or "no". For example, it might sound like this: "Should I change jobs?" or "Go on a journey abroad?".
Before going to sleep repeat this question to myself. In the hearing, but the main thing – that he was fully aware of you. This nothing should get in the way – no other sounds, no other thoughts. Immediately try to sleep.
In the morning, consider all of the information that I saw in the dream. If you think that nothing of value is learned, it may be worthwhile to think about what he saw. Dreams are very symbolic.
If any characters you can't solve yourself, contact the dreamnicks. It is best if they are vintage. In ancient times, people attentive to his dreams and taken out patterns that are associated with different images. Just as the dreamnicknames and they all sealed.