Advice 1: How to see prophetic dreams at will

Very rarely dreams can predict future events. A prophetic dream given to see not everyone, though, by following some simple rules, you can program your subconscious mind to show the important events of the future and answer an important life question. So what you need to do to had a prophetic dream that will help to find the solution to all problems.
How to see prophetic dreams at will

What are prophetic dreams

Conventionally, prophetic dreams can be divided into three main categories.

Artificial dreams usually reflect something you are very much concerned at the present time. Such dreams often help to find a solution to a problem that you care about in reality.

For example, you don't know whether you should change jobs. And then in the dream you see how your office was flooded or there was a fire. All employees in a panic, but you just miraculously managed to escape. Undoubtedly, this dream is prophetic, but that does not mean that everything will happen exactly as you dreamed. The fire did not happen but you still better change the place of work. You got the answer to the question. A dream led you to making the right decision.

Symbolic prophetic dreams represent a set of abstract images, symbols, and characters that, at first glance, have nothing to do with real life. Most people simply will not pay such alert attention and then something happens in life, suddenly remember that it was also a warning that appeared to them in dreams, and they are unable to understand it properly. Unfortunately, symbolic, prophetic dreams are extremely difficult to interpret, and usefulness to man they are not, if not only cannot be interpreted correctly.

True prophetic dreams – the most rare and accurate. In these dreams you see things that are exactly true in real life. They, like in the movies clearly show the future.

There are a few rules, observing that you will be able to get answers to difficult questions in my sleep. You may never dream of a true prophetic dream, but with the help of symbols and signs that sends you subconscious, you will be more likely to make the right decisions and find answers to questions.

How to order a prophetic dream

Get ready to sleep, relax your muscles, take a comfortable position and try to drive all thoughts out of my head. Close your eyes and try not to think. Stay in this state for at least five minutes.

Now you can mentally ask a question, the solution of which you need to know, don't start at once nervous and excited. You must articulate what you care about most in the moment and then release your idea into the wild and then relax.

You need to Wake in the night, so wind the clock by about two hours a night. This, incidentally, is one of the basic conditions. You must hold a night sleep and Wake up again.

As soon as the alarm clock rang, you have to Wake up again to start thinking about your problem. You need to mentally ask your subconscious to show a dream with the information you need. Again relax and sleep.

The morning after final awakening, try to remember your dream. It is advisable to write it all down. Pay attention to the mood in which you Wake up is important too.

It happens that nothing you that night, and not dream, but over time, if you discipline yourself all the time to record your dreams, you will notice how they will become brighter and clearer.

When this files most often have prophetic dreams

Astrologers say that prophetic dreams are directly dependent on the lunar phases. In the period of the new moon should never betray what he saw in dreams great value. The most striking, unusual and beautiful dreams come during the full moon.

Dreams associated with the past, dream in the waning moon, and growing with the future.

Strange prophetic dreams

By the way, you can see the true prophetic dream, which is in no way connected with your life and not affect the fate.

For example, there are many cases where forums online or just a friendly conversation, people say that sometimes you see coming from a major world catastrophe in the dream, and exactly how it will happen.

Where are these dreams and what they mean? Accurate scientific answer to this question has even more to prove the fact of sleep seems almost impossible. Materialists believe these dreams are pure coincidence. Indeed, on Earth more than 6 billion people, maybe someone will dream a dream that the future will show.

However, among the bio-energy has a different opinion. It is believed that during sleep the subconscious can be inadvertently connect to a global information field and to read from the first information. Man-made disasters and natural disasters often claim many lives and have powerful energy, so people on the other end of the earth, can see in the dream plane crash that happen in a few days.

Advice 2 : How to order dreams

Despite the uncertainty and lack of study of its nature, dreams often tell us how we should act in a given situation. Sometimes in the dream, generated a situation which can happen to you in the future, or has already happened, and untied the example of solving this situation or deliberately wrong move on your part. Then you can assess the impact without resorting to this solution in reality.
Dreams often tell us how we should act in a given situation
There are opinions that the world-famous periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleev came to a head in a dream, and Pushkin heard in the dream line of his works, waking up, immediately took up pen and paper to write dream poems.
Until now, the phenomenon of sleep is poorly studied. Basically we have the subconscious, the true needs and patterns.
In order to try to dream up what you want, it is necessary not later than two hours before bedtime to concentrate on a selected story or image. However, to think of a story completely is not possible. You can do only sketches, but your mindset and psyche during sleep can rotate the plot in a completely different direction, although it will be used frame your thoughts that come to mind before going to sleep.
At the same time before bed to relax. If you have the opportunity to hold a session of aromatherapy or massage, take advantage of this. Tune in remembering dreams. After waking up, write down dreams in a notebook. Record only the most striking and memorable images. Remember that memorization of sleep contributes to a calm awakening.
Program yourself for waking up after seeing the dream. Perhaps you will Wake up in the middle of the night, as during the night a person can see almost a dozen dreams, but you'll find the answers to your questions. Woke up in the morning, you may not find the answer, because it was erased from short-term memory with data from the last night's sleep.
Specify what you want to see. You want to see the solution? Trend? Make the link between past and future? Set the benchmark, and you will receive an answer in a dream, maybe not the first time, but worth a try.
If you want you dream your loved one, think about it in the evening before bedtime, and ask them to think of you at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Ask him to go to bed before you or at the same time as you, but not later. Then you will be able to see each other in their dreams. Make sure the evening about where the action will occur of sleep - it should be a place that is familiar to both. In this technique, sometimes, people have almost identical dreams. Discuss the dream with the unknown man the next morning, and perhaps both of you will be very surprised with what I saw identical dreams.
Lying in bed, try to capture the state of subtle matter, when you're still awake, but not awake. Usually it's like a liberation from the body. At such moments, man becomes physically warm somewhere inside the body.
These are called as edge. It is in this state of having insight, therefore, the borderline of wakefulness and sleep is so important for intellectual and creative people.
Often the desired dream dreams at once. Just like the law of attraction works, custom dreaming takes time - sometimes up to several months.
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