Focus on yourself. Try to fully realize his "I". Let the phantom assignment to get out of you.
Select him ahead. It is important to do on the exhale.
Step back and abruptly move your hand from the top down, parallel to your body. This must be done in order to separate it from yourself.Identify the specific task that you set for the phantom.
Say this task out loud, and your thoughts must be very clear, and the image of the alleged actions of a phantom unambiguous. Simultaneously, the need to mentally draw a very clear and vivid picture of his actions.
Imagine how he's approaching the man that you need. Try very well to the smallest detail, to imagine the appearance of this man. Say his name and try to imagine the place where he is now.
Imagine in detail how phantom does what you told him. Imagine how after the assignment, the phantom comes back, comes into you, takes place within and is aligned with your physical body. After the assignment, the phantom does not manifest itself inside of you – it's just an image.