You will need
  • Iron with steam function, gauze or white cotton fabric
In order to stretch the cloth, use steam iron or not. To do this, lay the garment on a horizontal surface. In the right hand and you iron, you hold the left edge of things, which is going to stretch.
Then proceed as follows: iron iron in the direction opposite to that with which you hold the product.
The iron should be well clamped to the product and at the same time, the left hand pull the fabric. The result is that you pull the fabric in two directions simultaneously: the left hand and an iron to the right. Hot iron razmarivaet fiber and captures the effect of stretching.
If the thing the village and wide, and in height, along the first stretch, and a little more than you need, and then across. The principle is the same.
You can apply the same method of stretching the fabric by hand and with iron, but in a vertical position. To do this, hang the thing on a hanger and secure it with some clips, so it does not slip when Ironing. Smooth and atprivate as long as the thing does not take the right view
There is another less time consuming way stretch fabric – just put it on wet thing. Dried on you, it will take the shape of your body and, consequently, your size.
If you need to stretch denim fabric, please note the following recommendations:
Wash the jeans with your hands in lukewarm water 25 to 30 °C. Make it very quickly, without soaking and without using strong detergents.
A little dry the article or fabric, lay it flat on the Ironing Board and cover with thin cotton cloth or gauze.
Start to iron with steaming, pulling the fabric in the right places.
Stroke until, until dry fabric.
If the village and lost his woolen fabric, you can also try to steam iron. Lay on a flat surface with a white cotton sheet, lay on it the victim thing and cover with another layer of cotton fabric. Top drive with an iron, barely touching (not pressing), with steam as long as the hair is not dry.
If you need to stretch mohair sweater, wet it, stretch the pattern, fix pins and leave until dry.