Causes shrinkage of tissues

In the process of washing and Ironing the fabric structure is reversible elastic deformation of the threads when the fabric tries to correct tension setting initially. There is an increase in the cross section of the threads of the fabric during the swelling. This leads to a straightening of the yarns of one system (the weft or warp), followed by deformation of the threads of the other system (or duck, respectively).

Shrinkage depends on the type of fibers: linen, cotton, viscose. The degree of torsion of the thread, the more twisted filament stretch stronger by increasing their diameter and changes in the structure of the fabric. Of an inappropriate temperature regime in the wash and the Ironing.

The list of fabrics, shrink and

Shrinkage of fabric made of cotton. Depending on the weave it varies from 3% to 5%. The greatest shrinkage give the plaid and corduroy. A little less chintz, poplin, teak, satin, calico, muslin, and other cotton fabrics. Woven fabrics of flax and flax containing shrink to 6% as well as blended fabrics. Thus, more than is contained in the cotton cloth or linen, the greater will be the shrinkage.
After washing the fabric with elastane is reduced, as previously stretched lycra squeezes it. Then the cloth is again stretched to 10% of the original length.

Woolen fabrics shrink from 1.5 to 3.5%. This includes Drapes, and a thin woolen fabric. According to some, wool is subject to shrinkage to a greater extent to 5-6%. This deficiency is observed in wool blend fabrics.

The shrinkage of fabrics made of natural silk somewhat lower than the tissues of artificial silk. The greatest shrinkage is seen in silk crepe fabrics: from silk to 5% crepe rayon – 7%. Gladeview silk fabrics can lose from 3.5% to 5% of its original length. Staple the fabric and viscose – 4 %. Nylon fabric up to 1.5%, polycaproamide up to 3.5%. Shrinkage give cushioning materials: interlining, dublirin, adhesive strip.

Dekatirovka tissues before reveal

Dekatirovka – wet-heat treatment of fabrics for shrinkage before the start of the cutting of the product. Deytroyt all fabrics containing more than 50 percent natural fibers. It's wool, flax, cotton, hemp, silk, and fabrics made of artificial silk. If the product that you plan to sew will be washed, dekatirovka required. If you plan to take to the dry cleaners (coats, suits), the fabric enough to iron with steam.
The cushioning tissue in front of the crack is soaked and dried, carefully aligning, but not iron.

Cotton and linen fabrics are soaked, dried and iron slightly damp. The silk is soaked and dried. Iron not hot iron. Silk fabrics, which can shed, moistened with wet sheets used to wrap silk before Ironing. Silk plain fabric iron without steam on the reverse side to avoid stains.

For wool fabrics used in the moisture on the reverse side sprayer. After 8-12 hours folded cloth iron from a wrong side. Fine wool and wool blend fabrics enough to iron through a damp cloth.