For example, if you buy woollen jumper, it is better to choose a size larger to compensate for possible shrinkage. In addition, when washing such things it is recommended to use special powders or detergents for washing wool, and the procedure is done quickly in cold or warm water. Wash and rinse the wool preferably in water the same temperature to drop. In water for rinsing, you can add 1 tbsp of vinegar to lock the thread.

If all the same thing has happened, and the wool of the village, there are two options – or use it for another purpose, or to try to stretch the wool thing.

How to stretch the wool thing?

If the thing the village is not very strong, you can try to stretch or return to the desired shape, although to fully achieve the original appearance is almost impossible.

To properly stretch wool thing, you can use one of the tips:

  1. Wet the wool in cool water, lay on a towel in a horizontal form, and drying, regularly stretching the product in the right direction.

  2. To use hydrogen peroxide: on 10 l of cool water to take 1-2 tbsp of peroxide. In this water rinse well the thing, stretching it in the right direction. After leaving it in the water for about 1-1.5, gently squeeze and dry, as in the previous embodiment, is horizontal, and is constantly stretching.

  3. You can try to use an iron and steam. Shrunken thing cover with a damp gauze and pulling need a place, you begin to stroke it. The second option is to steam wool steam iron on a low temperature, simultaneously stretching it.