You will need
  • denim fabric in the same shade or dense fabric of the same structure and colour, a sewing machine, thread, needle.
On the section of jeans that you want to stitch, mark the site of the future patches. Make pattern of the patch, transfer it to the fabric and carefully cut out. The finished patch is sewn on all edges. You can do this by hand or on the sewing machine using the stitch-zigzag.
Now apply the patch face to the inside of the jeans, secure with pins and baste. To sew the patch better on the sewing machine with a thin zigzag the edge of the wrap..
Now remove the jeans on the front side. Most often jeans with holes in the form of abrasions or just burst the fabric in a few places. The patch fixes the damaged area, but the holes if they are small, don't patch. On the front side small holes fix on patch with machine stitching back and forth, or zigzag, whatever you like.
How to sew a hole