You will need
  • beautiful patch, iron-on transfer;
  • - special adhesive web;
  • pieces of suitable fabric;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - pins;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - sewing machine (serger);
  • - iron.
The appearance of the usual holes in jeans and pants, vaguely similar to denim, find the right style and color label-the label is a patch or iron-on transfer. If this is a simple stripe, bottom Conn special adhesive cobweb, and on top of it and sew amperite with iron. If it's iron-on transfer, just attach it to the pants, covering the hole, using heated iron.
In the formation of regular holes in the pants look a piece of cloth suitable for your pants, put this piece of fabric from the bottom. How to sew a simple darning stitch (zigzag). Make the same mending on the other leg of the pants (asymmetrically).
The appearance of shreds in the pants look at home pieces of tissue that are similar in texture and color with the pants. Lay the trousers on the table so that the hole was clearly visible. On the front side of the pants mark the boundaries of fading. Pin along the planned lines harvested pins on the wrong side. Move the line on the wrong side. Add allowances to the planned lines. Cleave both pant legs and cut along the planned lines. Cut out the pattern you cut out of the trousers insertion taking into account the allowances. Vsheyte insert. Sewn sections of the inserts. Align the top - line dampers and sewn sections. Cleave the pin the pant legs along the line of dampers and double stitching. Iron.