Depending on the size of the holes and the material from which made the thing, you can choose from the following possibilities:

1. Carefully sew.

This method of repairing clothes will fit if you popped a stitch, and also if the hole is small. In this case, the traces of repair will not be noticeable, especially if you pick the thread color and sew from the inside.

2. Darned.

With the help of the darning foot as possible to restore the structure of the tissue and decorate, depending on the desires of the master. If you choose thread color and imitate the weaving of a tissue, the place where was stitched hole will be virtually unnoticeable. But you can do otherwise - to choose a bright thread, catchy patterns and make a mended hole center of the artistic composition. For artistic darning choose almost any seams and patterns (of course, except for Welt techniques of embroidery). In fact, art is original art darning embroidery.

Как красиво отремонтировать одежду?

3. To patch.

Again, if you pick up a similar fabric and thread color, a small patch will be almost invisible. However, there is a reverse method is to make a patch of bright, noticeable, that is to make the application.

Как красиво отремонтировать одежду?

Useful tip: so the patch was completely invisible, it can not sew, and glue.

4. One of the most difficult ways to redraw the thing.

It should be used, if you learned sewing at a high enough level.

To reshape almost any thing from fur coats to knit shirts. Moreover, in the process of remaking things, you can add elements from other tissues, making the result even more extraordinary.