Start to mend the appliance on a sturdy unexploded place that the seam has not blossomed. First take stitches along the matter on the basis of, and after the across — the duck. Make the stitches small and frequent so that the rows fit tightly to each other. When you sew the product across the fabric, pass the needle under the first thread, then over it. At the ends strongly do not tighten the thread. Otherwise, washing and Ironing because of the shrinkage of the threads, the tissue may harden.
Up a product only basis, without cross stitches, if the fabric has not worn through. If the clothes torn piece of cloth, i.e. the cloth is torn in the warp and in weft, and close the gap as two separate incision.
Choose the fabric for patches of similar quality and color as the fabric paraplegia products. Wash and iron the patch. Put it on Pervushina place in accordance with the direction of the warp and weft.
Baste the patch to the fabric, then fold the edges and sew a hidden seam inside out and from the front side. Remove the basting thread. If the patch is rectangular, then make slanting cuts about 0.5 cm deep at the four corners.
Slide the edge of the gap woolen items as close as possible to each other. A small piece of woollen cloth densely grease with egg white and place under gap. Smooth the repair area with a hot iron inside out.
Carefully seal the gap interlining (adhesive fabric). Align the broken threads between them, a piece of nonwoven fabric iron inside out.
Mask the hole on jeans or sports jacket with thermoapplication — embroidered pattern with an adhesive layer. Apply it over the broken place and fix with an iron. Reliability can also be sewn on the edges for fine stitches.