You will need
  • - Microsoft Word.
Open the file with the text around which you want to create a framein Word. If you are dealing with a file of the type that has the Association with this program, just double click on the file icon. Unable to load the file into the program by giving the command "Open" from the menu "File".
By means of the Word, you can create a frame around the fragment of text, a paragraph, or apply a design to the entire document. If you need to get in the frame only a portion of text, highlight the fragment with the mouse.
Open the settings window of design a team "Borders and shading" from the menu "Format". If your document contains selected text, the default window opens on the tab "Border". In the left part of the window, select a frame type by clicking one of the icons. The program allows you to create a regular frame, the frame with the drop shadow effect, volume and more complex.
Select from the list with the scroll bar of the line for the frame. If necessary, you can adjust frame color and width in points. The frame is painted the default will be black.
From the drop-down list on the right side of the window, select the scope of registration. If you have pre-allocated a portion of the text, the list will give a possibility to draw a frame paragraph or part of text. In the latter case the frame that you set up, will be surrounded separately each line of the selection. If you need to take one frame a whole paragraph, select "Paragraph". Click OK.
In Word you can create frame consisting of lines and images. Such a framework can only be applied to the whole page. If you require such registration, go to the preferences window border on the "Page"tab.
Select from the dropdown "picture" one of the available types of image, which will consist of a frame. In the Width field, set the border width in points. On the right side of the window select from the drop-down list the scope of the selected design. Click on the OK button.