You will need
  • editor for your file type.
To change the text in the frame Word document or similar format then open it with the help of special editors. It is best to use the one on which the document was created, as, for example, when you open the Word file in the standard Windows utilities some of the formatting may be lost. In this case, everything depends on the complexity of the editor.
Select the text in the frame, erase it, rewrite, correct errors, format at discretion, and then just apply and save changes. This is true in cases where the text in the frame is part of the document.
When the text in the frame is the part of the image, use to edit it with software like Adobe Photoshop, ArcSoft Photostudio, and so on. You can even run standard Paint, however, the editing capabilities of the text is available less can also be problems with the background image. Erase the text using the eraser, brush, stamp and other convenient in your case of tools with the image open in the editor.
Select the tool with the letter "T" on the corresponding panel of the graphical editor and enter new text. After you enter, scroll to it, select font, size, color, direction, flow around a shape outline, and so forth at your discretion. Please note that the frame image has not been affected.
After that save the changes and close the editor. So that in the future you would be easier to edit images, work with pre-created a clone, since most image editors work by default with a limited number of actions recorded in the history of operations performed on the file. This also applies to other file types.