You will need
  • - installed software package from the Office.
Open the Word program on the computer. Type the text you want. If a file with the text for the frame of already formed, then just open it.
Everything you need to create frames for text you'll find in the program. Pay attention to the version installed on your computer Word program. You can find it by clicking on the program icon on your desktop right-click. In the appearing menu, select "Properties". Software version – the number after the word Office.
To make a frame for text in Word below version 10 (prior to 2007), use the Format tab. In the menu, select "Borders and shading". A new window will open in which you install the correct one for your document view frame.
Select the "Page" tab if you plan to use the frame for the entire worksheet. Select desired line type, color, width. You can use as a framework for architectural drawing by selecting it from your library. To do this, use the window "picture". If the frame is needed throughout the document in the lower right corner, use the switch "apply to...".
When you want to apply a border only to an emphasis on a specific moment in the text, use the tab "Border". Specify the desired type of frame and lines, their color and width. It is a desired radio button "apply to... paragraph". After selecting all necessary settings, click OK. The frame will appear on the page, and you can add the text there.
If you have a version of Word 10 and above, the tab "Borders and shading" is located on the panel in menu "Home" in the window "Paragraph". Icon can be installed either to hide the pop-up menu. Look on the panel the picture limits ("Upper limit", "lower limit", etc.), click on the arrow down. In the appearing menu, you will see the desired function.