Advice 1: How to make a frame in the document

Sometimes it is necessary to draw up documents in beautiful frames. It may be required, for example, to obtain letters of thanks, special congratulations or any message you want to print and hang in a prominent place. To make that even inexperienced people in computer science and not having skills of work on PC.
frame in the document
You will need
  • Word (any version)
Open the document that you want to draw a frame in Word (Ctrl+O).
In the menu "Format" select "Border and shading". This opens the dialog box shown in the screenshot.
In Microsoft Word 2007 to access these settings, first select "page Layout" and then locate the "page Borders". In this case, in other respects this version of the editor is no different from the previous one.
How to make <strong>frame</strong> <b>document</b>
In the opened window go to tab "Page". Here you can set frames in accordance with its task and to your liking.
From the drop-down list, select a type of the future frame (solid, double, dotted, wavy line, dot-dash etc), its color and width.
In addition, as a frame , you can select pattern from the drop-down list "picture". This pattern can also be "painted" in almost any color and ask him the necessary dimensions.
In the left part of the window, on request, give the frame surround or put on her shadow. To do this, use the same icons.
In the right part of the window you can add or remove the border frame. For example, if necessary, you can remove the right or left, top or bottom of the frame.
After the result, you can click OK to accept the changes and save the document.
How to make <strong>frame</strong> <b>document</b>
If the end result did not suit you, subsequently you can edit or delete. To do this, again open the Border and shading" from the menu "Format" and change the settings of the frame. To remove it, just click on "No" at the top right of the window.
Useful advice
Note: Sometimes you need to insert a frame inside the document to wrap it just part of the text, but not the entire page. In this case, select the portion of text you want to wrap the frame, open "Border and shading" from the menu "Format" and then click "Border". The setup here is similar to that described above. Select the options for the frame, such as line type, width and color. Then click "OK".

Advice 2: How to make a frame for the thesis in word

For registration of course and diploma works always requires the standard framework in the document. To do it in the Microsoft word without any additional programs.
How to make a frame for the thesis in word

The first part of the frame

Often students in the design thesis, coursework, laboratory and other similar documents you want to insert in Word standard frame according to GOST. You can use AutoCAD, draw it frame and then import it into a text document. But it's not the most convenient way, because not all know how to use AutoCAD.

Much easier to make a frame in the program MSWord– using headers and footers. But first you need to properly execute the worksheet.

Before you can configure the page settings, you need to set the units in inches. To do this, in menu bar select "File", then "Options" - "Advanced" - "Display" - "Units" and in the right box, select "Centimeters".

Then open the menu "page Layout", go to "Fields" - "Custom fields" and set all the required parameters.

You can then proceed to the frame. You need to select the menu item "page Layout", and right in the menu bar will appear-click on "page Borders". This will open the window "Borders and shading".

There are various options for the design of the framework (bold, dotted line, etc.), you can specify the width of the frame indented from the border sheet, etc. to be selected for the thesis a simple black frame and click "OK".

The second part of the frame

The rest of the frame can be inserted using the header and footer. Why? Because the frame we need on each page, not to copy it every time manually, you can use the footer.

The header and footer in the MS word program allows you to place in the top, bottom or side margins of the text or any object and duplicate it on each page. An example of a footer might be the page number in the document.

First we need to draw the desired table with all the fields (name of lecturer, name of student, date of delivery etc.). It can be done, for example in Excel or in the Word by using the drawing tools (either through the menu "table" "Draw table").

Then, to enable the visibility of the header and footer, you need to choose in the menu bar "View" - "header and Footer". And insert the drawn table in the footer so that the fields of the table in contact with the previously drawn frame.

The frame is ready. On each new page and frame, and the table in the footer will automatically be duplicated.

Advice 3: How to make a frame in word

Making, we are trying to decorate your documents with different elements. In MS Word provides the ability to make frames in a variety of patterns. To handle this feature easily, all you need to do the following.
How to make a frame in word
2003Сперва MS Word, open a Word document, a blank page, but you can with printed text. Next, open the Format menu and select Borders and shading". If this isn't there, you must click on the double quotation marks in order to access the full list.
Then in the window "Borders and shading" go to the tab "Page" to make a frame around the page, not the text. Next, in the drop-down list, select the drawings you like.
You can also select on which pages will be visible frame, for example, all or only at first.
Open the window "Settings" you can choose additional settings such as indent from the edge of the page.
MS Word 2007-2070В this version of the program to make the frame even easier. To begin, open the tab "page Layout" and then click on the "page Border". Further, all the same as in the previous version.
Remember that business documents need to apply to strict limits.

Advice 4: How to make a frame in Word for text

Word - convenient universal program to set and edit text that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It offers users virtually unlimited possibilities to manipulate with words. To make the document more business or to draw attention to certain points, use a frame for text.
How to make a frame in Word for text
You will need
  • - installed software package from the Office.
Open the Word program on the computer. Type the text you want. If a file with the text for the frame of already formed, then just open it.
Everything you need to create frames for text you'll find in the program. Pay attention to the version installed on your computer Word program. You can find it by clicking on the program icon on your desktop right-click. In the appearing menu, select "Properties". Software version – the number after the word Office.
To make a frame for text in Word below version 10 (prior to 2007), use the Format tab. In the menu, select "Borders and shading". A new window will open in which you install the correct one for your document view frame.
Select the "Page" tab if you plan to use the frame for the entire worksheet. Select desired line type, color, width. You can use as a framework for architectural drawing by selecting it from your library. To do this, use the window "picture". If the frame is needed throughout the document in the lower right corner, use the switch "apply to...".
When you want to apply a border only to an emphasis on a specific moment in the text, use the tab "Border". Specify the desired type of frame and lines, their color and width. It is a desired radio button "apply to... paragraph". After selecting all necessary settings, click OK. The frame will appear on the page, and you can add the text there.
If you have a version of Word 10 and above, the tab "Borders and shading" is located on the panel in menu "Home" in the window "Paragraph". Icon can be installed either to hide the pop-up menu. Look on the panel the picture limits ("Upper limit", "lower limit", etc.), click on the arrow down. In the appearing menu, you will see the desired function.
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