Gently place the goods. The most important thing. Usually parents come into the store with their children, the children are naughty and no time to clean up the mess of clothes. Everything should gently lie on a visible place so that you can come and look at the right thing.
Correctly arrange the Windows and hung. The Windows spread out the goods one by one. Usually placed in the window, undershirts, caps, booties and other small items of clothing. To hang hang up outerwear, dresses and suits. Only the minimum. Of sizes set in the trading room, only one size is the smallest, and the rest take to the warehouse. Remember, you are not a flea market and children's clothing store.
Jackets, dresses, blouses and shirts hang just above eye level. Skirts, pants, belts, bags, backpacks. Definitely amperite all thingsbefore post them on the trading floor. All clothes must look perfect. No loose threads, buttons or fallen away smudges!
Move the store order. Cleanliness and neatness - the key to success in your business.
Complete price lists for all rules. The lack of price tags annoying buyers. At the top of the price tag specify the name of the organization that owns the outlets, further the name of the product, article, make it easier to find the thing in the warehouse left in stock size. Below is the price structure and the country-manufacturer.
Select the position of the goods. In the Central part of place well-known clothing brands, more expensive. The probability that it will buy it is much higher there.
Learn merchandising. This science will help you make the right merchandise and increase sales.