Officially there are no special types of documents, such as licenses for the implementation of this type of product is not required, except in cases of sale of children's clothes, for which the seller is required to obtain the certificate of quality. The certificate of conformity is also required to trade any personal protective equipment, furs, work clothes. Other types of clothing require common declarations for compliance. You can get them from official suppliers. If you are a manufacturer or importer, for the right types of certificates should be treated in specialized centres, providing at the same for imported products a copy of the contract, a quality certificate of the manufacturer and its own constituent documents, for the production of its production - all the regulations, under which is the tailoring, it could be the GOST and TU.
Depending on the places of conducting of trading activities of the business owner will need to register their business with the right choice of the tax system and get the IDs statistics.
If the trade takes place in the store or in the Mall, you should enter into a formal lease for the area used, or to always have on hand a certificate of ownership to the object.
In local territorial body of the Ministry of emergency situations it is necessary to fire the conclusion to this should provide the certificate on registration of the legal person, the actual lease agreement and proof of previously completed installation of the fire alarm system. It may seem strange, but all of the sellers of these stores or boutiques need to have medical books that can be issued in municipal or private licensed institutions to conduct such medical examination.
Any store must have a contract for garbage removal and encapsulation Rospotrebnadzora of goods, having direct contact with the human body, which are issued when a properly executed documents of the legal entity, the medical books officially working and sellers of certificates of conformity of the product itself. If desired, the owner can be placed outdoor advertising of the product or the store, this should appeal directly to the city administration in the so-called Department of architecture to receive a special permit for a sign or other structure.