A popular trading room is as follows: in the center of the room you need to put a rack or table with a height of about 50-70 cm. They are needed for calculations of the goods. Them set tables and stands for other goods height is 70-90 cm. Departing from the center at the short distance, install another rack, reminiscent of the hill, on different levels which are several types of products. For product placement, you can use the walls of the shop, where you can strengthen the shelves and racks with merchandise.Thus, all your items will be visible to the buyer from anywhere in the store. But it is not necessary to clutter the stand: the buyer must have the ability to take any product that he liked, without much difficulty.
At eye level the buyer's need to have racks for hangers. Preferred are those racks on which to hang two rows of hangers. Front of Desk you can put a mannequin on which to demonstrate the latest new product, designed for a quick sale.
At the top level you need to have large items (jackets, coats, pillows or blankets). At this point, the product will see all buyers of the store. Well at the top level to place the models to showcase the latest collection.
Buyers traditionally attracts the Central part of the store, so in the centre it is necessary to have a larger number of tradable goods. And along the walls of the shop hang large things. For example, for a children's clothing store is this location: in the center – pants, jackets, sweaters, and the walls of jackets and coats.
You should pay attention to the quantity of goods of the same species sold in your store. The most advantageous will represent up to 40 models of one kind, for example, blouses, five sizes each model. In many European stores uses this option. First post no more than 5-10 models. After the collection is gone, its remnants hang on a rack in the center, for more than a quick sale.
The experience of the Western shops will be better to position things with blocks in a single color, as buyers primarily pay attention to the color. And to provide the buyer with the opportunity to better consider the style of the model, you can put a few samples aside from the mass calculations.
For demonstration of the latest collections of clothing it is best to use the mannequins, which you need to dress up from head to toe, so that the buyer got a full understanding of the collection. Thus it is necessary to demonstrate not only clothes, but also accessories to it. Remember that the better you present the goods to the buyer, the more likely it is that you have to buy this thing.