House child and baby at home. This is the first thing that comes to mind when the question arises of where to send baby clothes. But the reality is not so simple. Soft toys are unlikely to get it, and plastic, wood and metal only, provided that they are in good condition. As for clothes and shoes, there are also a number of limitations. Things must not be tatty, worn and frankly old-fashioned. In addition, it is worth remembering that children's institutions in different regions are funded and provided in different ways. Therefore, the fact that in the Moscow house of a child can take in the neighboring Ryazan region will be a joy. There you can take the highchair, stroller, baby bath and all the useful appliances which can still serve.
Dairy food. Often in points of provision of free baby food, bring clothes, shoes and toys. And, it is worth noting that almost all of the things understand in the first hour. The downside of this option is that work dairy dishes, usually in the morning, and it's not all easy. To find out where the nearest point of giving free milk products ("milk"), just ask any woman with a child up to two years.
Ads on the Internet. Sites free ads you can find people who need baby clothes. If you do not want to search for, you can post information in the section "give a gift" with a contact phone number or email. Can also be applied to ad pictures of children's clothes. The advantage of this option is that you can arrange pickup and coordinate a convenient meeting time. It also makes sense to register for sites of child orientation, as a rule, they have sections, where moms exchange their second-hand baby clothes.