To take things a child in any orphanage, but all usually need more kids in those institutions located in the villages and small district centers. Children take home things both new and pre-owned. If you are going to give the latest, be sure to clean, wash, iron and fold gently, because the kids would be much nicer to get such clothes. To find the addresses located in the vicinity of children's homes on the Internet or in the local administration.
Take the baby stuff are also various social and charitable organizations: social service centres, centres of assistance to poor families and children, the salvation Army, Red cross. Their addresses in your area, you can also on the Internet. Giving there clothes and shoes for kids, it also should be cleaned, washed and neatly folded. And even better – pack them into separate packages, on which to write the name of things, the age of the child, which it would fit, and gender. This will greatly facilitate the task of the members of these institutions.
You can give new or used baby clothes to the temple or monastery. Servants always know people who need help. In addition, they often send things in jail, give to orphanages. And some leave their children, because not all priors have good incomes.
To find a new owner for children's clothes can be on the Internet. Simply place an announcement on any forum or a designated website, for example,,, and others. If you do not mind small amounts of money, post free ads in the local newspaper. When you do this, be sure to specify that you want to give things away for free. Needy people today very much, so clothes and shoes your child someone else will surely serve in good stead.