Features of granting land plots for individual housing construction are regulated by the Land code of the Russian Federation. With rare exceptions the provision of land to the property is by auction. The procedure of granting land plot is:
1. The interested party submits an application on granting a land plot for individual housing construction in the Executive body of state power or local self-government responsible for their provision.2. Within two weeks from the date of filing of application the authorised body takes a decision either about holding of the auction, or publishes a notice of further applications for this land plot. 3. Within months of taking additional statements.4. Auction (same as the sale of the property at public auction), either a contract of sale with the sole applicant. If the applicant is disabled, then no auction will be held, and the contract of purchase and sale of the land lies with him immediately. Consequently, the disabled person is required to choose the plot (it is desirable that he was put on cadastral registration, as the production is quite a lengthy process) and submit an application, accompanied by documents confirming the disability.
After conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of land transfer of ownership must be registered in bodies rosreestra. To do this, in bodies of Federal registration service serves legal documents for the land plot, cadastral documents (cadastral passport, the receipt on payment of state duty for registration, the identity document of the applicant, documents on disability. In some cases, you may need other documents, so before registering it is best to call in help building. After registration (usually this process takes not more than 30 days) land becomes the property.