If an adult is partially or completely loses the ability to work at any age, it is considered invalid. The kids may be right after that establishes the diagnosis. It could be birth or intrauterine injury. The result itself may need constant treatment and care.

Once the disease is fixed by a neurologist, the child is given a disability for a period of two years. After this period, a disability is subject to re-examination. If once again a manifestation of the syndrome continues unabated, disability is issued in perpetuity. For children not established group of disability. She relies entirely adults. The indications for which the person is recognized as disabled, set by the Ministry of health.

Pensions to disabled from childhood is equated to the minimum old-age pension. Children under 16 years receive an additional allowance equal to half the amount. In addition to material benefits disabled since childhood have a number of benefits.

Benefits for disabled children

Children with disabilities have a long list of benefits. They can:

- up to 16 years free to buy medicines, as well as grab bars, wheelchairs and other means of rehabilitation;
- as a matter of priority be provided with places in kindergartens, medical and health institutions;
- free travel on all public transport except taxis (for children with impaired vision, without two limbs or paralysis);
- get seasonal discounts from the price of the ticket for journey by rail, water, long-distance road transport;
free to issue vouchers for sanatorium-resort treatment;
- to provide discounted travel to the place of such treatment in the amount of 50% (children with disabilities from 3 to 16 years inclusive and their attendants, who may be one of the parents, guardian, Trustee).

Since February 2013 increased payments to parents of disabled children up to 18 years. Decree No. 175 "On a monthly payments to individuals caring for disabled children and disabled since childhood of I group, their amount has increased 4.5 times. The money can count the unemployed parents of disabled childhood. Moreover, at any age.

What you need to get monthly monetary payments (EDV):

Accruals are made based on the data that is in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Therefore, those who had that status before 2013, no new documents to apply is not necessary. For all others you must collect the following documents:

- passport, birth certificate or residence permit in the Russian Federation, who is eligible;
- extract from the act examination in GSMA;
- passport of the one who cares for the disabled person, the certificate of birth or adoption;
help housing authorities;
documents from divisions of the Federal migration service;
- a personal statement.

Of course, you need to bring copies of the documents and the originals for verification. If some documents will not be sufficient, the experts must still make available. After this you need to collect the missing. From the first day of the month in which received a request, the amount will be charged. This is important to ensure that when you receive the documents was the date of their submission. Payment of monthly disability added to the existing pensions.